Monday, May 22, 2017

School Board Portraits

I made a contribution to thank the school for considering an initiative to increase the arts in the Brandon Valley school district. It was requested I draw a cartoon portrait of each school board member. Fun artistic challenge.

Cartoon Portrait

Cartoon I drew using my dad's friend as reference. Trying to keep my line quality crisp and sharp.


I did a caricature drawing of my friends over at KDLT News.

Chalk Drawing

Our rental house has a chalkboard wall. The next tenants like hunting so I drew some pheasants for a house warming gift. #bestlandlordever

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Hunting Logo

This was a fun logo I did for a place here in South Dakota.  The first idea parodied Charlie Sheen's movie poster for Hot Shots.  Every time I see it I laugh.  I think the caricature of Charlie captured the likeness well.  We made another logo using a caricature of a family member to avoid any conflicts from using a likeness of a famous person.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Caricature Marathon!

Friday night while Larissa was working and kids sleeping I had some fun and offered to draw a caricature/portrait to whoever was awake and wanted one. I love the challenge of capturing a likeness in a drawing. It can be a difficult problem to solve. I am not as good or fast as I'd like to be. But it is always nice to share art with friends that appreciate it.
 Here are the results from the marathon drawing night. Hope to do it again sometime soon. Thanks to the brave models!