Saturday, December 26, 2015

The 'Homer' wall.

The Homer wall mural was one of a few pieces I did for the Art Maze event in Sioux Falls.  The artist statement below explains a little about why I chose to do this. 

  Artist Statement:    This painting of Homer Simpson is simple, silly and juvenile. It is supposed to make you smile. But to me as an artist, this is homage to where my interest in art began. This was the hook that solidified the idea that art can have an impact and connection with people. As a kid I learned to draw Homer from memory. The attention I got from drawing this character for other people was intoxicating. It was like performing a magic trick. People would say "WOW!, you are talented artist!" At the time I knew I wasn't a talented artist because that was the only thing I could draw (copy) at the time. But, it encouraged me to continue perusing drawing and art.  I am grateful that it inspired me and encouraged a life of creativity and appreciation for art.

      Now I realize that this form of art is quite compelling and powerful while simultaneously being silly. A cartoon is a world completely created by human imagination and creativity. It is something that both kids and adults can enjoy. It is funny and educational.  All this can be done from a simple, silly and juvenile cartoon drawing.  Parents, do not get discouraged if your child isn’t initially inspired by masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer and Michelangelo.   Encourage their excitement for Pixar, Disney, comic books and silly cartoons. 

KDLT news chats about the Homer Mural

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